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"I can't say enough about InternationalCupid.com and how lucky I was to find the site"

I don't know if my story is typical but I had great success with your website. Only one short month into talking to ladies on InternationalCupid.com I met a very nice young woman named Jessica who was lots of fun to talk to. We became fast friends. We spent many hours online telling each other about our lives and family, work and hobbies, and growing up in our different countries. The times when I couldn't talk to jessica were, and are, very hard. I set my mind to meet this wonderful person and with my next vacation I flew 27 hours from the US to the Philipines on the adventure of a lifetime. Jessica made the trip the best vacation I ever had and we got so close I almost couldn't leave without her when my vacation was over. She will be comming here soon though. We have filed for a fiance Visa and then I'll have her with me for a life time. I can't say enough about InternationalCupid.com and how lucky I was to find the site. Changed my whole life. Thank you so much. Michael and Jessica, Inverness, Florida


"thank you so much for bringing our worlds and hearts together"

Hi, I am writing to give a big thanks to all at InternationalCupid.com for your services, with your help I was able to find my SEXYMAN!!! I never thought it would possible for me to find the person I would want to spend the rest of my life with through internet and chat, but guess what? I did!!! Here on InternationalCupid.com. After exchanging a couple of e-mails and spending hours talking over the phone, Danny then decided to come over and see me. We had such a great time, realizing that we are really meant for each other, with our love growing deeper and stronger as we spend each and every day together – and eventually ended up being engaged. Again, thank you so much for bringing our worlds and hearts together!!! Wishing you all the best of luck! Karen and Danny


"I found my dream lady on InternationalCupid"

I was recommended this site by a friend and was at first sceptical, but i have to say i found my dream lady on InternationalCupid.Nat came to the UK in July to meet me, (2 months after our first contact ) where upon we got so well that we got engaged. I then went to Thailand in october, met her son , family and close friends. i then went back to thailand in january to arrange all the wedding details.we finally married in may 2006.I have to say if it was not for your web site we would not have met,we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing us together, keep up the good work InternationalCupid you have made me and Nat extremely happy.


"Julie & I met through InternationalCupid.com"

Hi, Julie & I met through InternationalCupid.com. We very quickly became attracted to each other. My mate and I have already been to visit Julie, our son and her family and friends. We are now engaged and planning our wedding in April 2006. this was the first time I used the internet for match making and so far it has been excellent. The interenet gave us the opportunity to meet each, otherwise we would still be searching for other. To everyone else out there looking for love, hanging in there, there is someone out there looking for you!


"First of all I want to thank all of you for the great site you have!!!!"

First of all I want to thank all of you for the great site you have!!!! I got on this site back in January and it wasnt long until I met this absolutley beautiful young lady from Colombia her name is Jenniffer. She was so sweet and soo sincere , shes has all the things that I need in a woman , shes caring , loving patient and faithful, she loves my son and he loves her!!!!! I absoloutely love her family and her little girl of 16 months old. She teaches my son spanish on the messenger at night. We are getting married in may of this year!! Ive been there to visit a few times and everytime she makes me feel the way a man should feel with his wife to be.

Thank all of you again and I wish all of you on this site the best of luck!!



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