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"Thank you so much InternationalCupid"

Thank you so much InternationalCupid. Me and Bob met each other here last November 2006 we been in relationship for almost 3 years, he keep coming Philippines seing me and meeting my friends and relatives we do have much fun each other. We just been married last August 19, 2009 and now just waiting for my VISA to come UK to settled and be with him forever. Thanks again InternationalCupid...

Lots of love xxx



"Thanks InternationalCupid for giving us a chance"

We chatted as friend and met as friend last May 7. On May 16 we been engaged. After 2 weeks Adam went back to Japan but we continue chatting, emails and phone calls. When he was in Japan he introduced me to his parents and we started talking. His parents treated me as their real daughter even we don't meet in person. Now I am waiting for the fulfillment of our dreams to be together in USA. Thanks InternationalCupid for giving us a chance to find each other. Adam keep on telling me this word "MAHAL KITA NG BUONG PUSO KO" that makes me feel glad, the kind of gladness that no one can take away from me.



"I did find an extraordinary woman here"

I am leaving a testimonial that I hope will be helpful to all you men searching for love. First I want to say that I did find an extraordinary woman here and we were married. She is simply amazing and is the best person I have ever met. She is smart and beautiful, humble and sincere, honorable and God fearing. She is also incredibly sexy and passionate. In summary she is a perfect wife. So this letter should encourage you all to keep looking. You will be successful - if you are an honorable and respectful man.

I met my wife Gladys when I was chatting with many other girls. At first I thought she was too young and would be immature and shallow. But she was so easy to talk to - always humble and happy. Eventually I saw how special she was and how lacking and dishonest many of the other girls I was talking to were. We began to talk more and more. I bagan to see how special she was. We began to fall in love. And then in January I went to the Philippines and met her and her family and we were married. I have been back once more for a second honeymoon and we are now working on her visa. I love her very much and will be with her for eternity. So miracles do happen!!

Mark and Gladys Mae

Sandy cary

"I would like to thank the team of InternationalCupid"

I would like to thank the team of InternationalCupid, because of your beautiful site I met the love of my life and the most wonderful husband in the world, so sweet and so loving, nothing I could ask for more, there's nothing more greater than being with my love for the rest of my life. Now I'm here in UTAH, USA enjoying our life together. It's never too late for all the singles who are also looking for the true love. Don't lose hope. Again thank you so much InternationalCupid people. Susan


"the gifts of god for me"

hello every body!!thanks for Cb i am now engage to be maried to MR.MATTHEW. i am happy to be w/him.thanksto the god..matty is the gifts of god for me.. i love you my baby..

muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks for coming in my life baby.. i love you i love you i love you for the rest

of my life

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