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"We got married"

What can I say. Me and Dave met in this site, friends on first and we discovered that we're in common, we don't have any idea but REALLY!!!! When you believe to your dreams and its like a fairy tale come true...And now we got married year 2008...for all those friends couples, Just believe to your dreams !!!!! More power!!!!

Kharen & Dave


"We are both very grateful for this site"

I found her on my second try. We clicked well and spent hours talking on our IM and our webcams. I then made arrangements and flew to her country where we spent 10 wonderful days together at the hotel. We are both very grateful for this site for it was the tool which brought us together. Thank you for everything.


"Thank you for this InternationalCupid"

I have found the very special love...HAPPILY ever after...thank you for this InternationalCupid. Soon we will get married in the U.S. I hope you will find someone too. A true love like how we found Eric and me each other...Thanks God and to all here of this very wonderful site. I am now following up my fiancee visa application. Soon it will be yours too.


"She has changed my life forever"

Sherill and I met here in InternationalCupid March 6th 2006. We were married here in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines August 8th 2008. Yes 8-8-2008. Since we met I have been here 4 times. She is a wonderful person and a wonderful lady. She has changed my life forever. She also has 2 girls who are also wonderful. I would not trade them for anything in the world. Now we just need to work on our paperwork to get our new family to the states. I love the Philippines and I love the people here. Sherill's whole family has welcomed me as part of thier own family. I hope you have as much luck here in InternationalCupid finding True and lasting love as i did. Bless you all. Paul


"Thanks, InternationalCupid!"

What can I say? InternationalCupid found me the man of my dreams in a place I never expected. Though I had never been to Spain, I'd always been entranced by the country and its people, and one person in particular: Carlos, a handsome man from Toledo. We connected instantly, as soon as we started communication, and I cannot begin to express my glee and having finally found the man of my dreams. We wed just recently in Bali surrounded by family and friends! Thanks, InternationalCupid!

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