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After a long journey, we got married today

Melvina and I met a little over 50 months ago on this website. After a long journey, we got married today august 28, 2013 here in the Philippines. All thanks to international cupid. If it wasnot for international cupid we would not be married right now or ever met. We love each other so much. Thanks, Peter and Melvina

Peter & Melvina

Thank you InternationalCupid for letting us meet!

me and my husband extend to you sincere thanks your site, which enabled us to both dating and marriage. We appreciate you so much.


I live in the USA and met my wife on InternationalCupid!

I live in the USA and met my wife Rica (Filipino) on InternationalCupid August 28th 2012. We were married exactly 30 days later. I have searched other sites and never found success. I was only on InternationalCupid for 2 weeks before I met Rica. I soon booked a flight to the Philippines and we got married there. My beautiful wife and her daughter will be coming to the US to join me and my daughter. I now have a wonderful little family that read more >> I am proud of. My friends are all asking me to show them how I did it. I just say, “Join and it will happen for you.” I am 47 and she is 28. I have finally met my soul mate and I have never been happier. Thank you InternationalCupid! << collapse

Robert & Rica

I live in England I have meet my girlfriend via InternationalCupid who lives in Romania

I live in England I have meet my girlfriend via International Cupid who lives in Romania. We are both very happy that we have met one another and looking forward to future to see what it brings. Thanks for your assistance in bringing us together :)


I found my wife on InternationalCupid!

thank you,i found my wife here and im happily married...


We met on InternationalCupid and now we are planning our future together

thanks InternationalCupid i found my love one from Germany. Me and Andreas met here and we start chatting december 2011 and we totally meet in person last feb.2011 he‘s very nice,sweet and loving person...for now i‘m waiting for his return on August this year,and we will going to plan for our future..i love my honey so much,and he love me t0o..THANKS a lot.

Nesza & Andreas