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I found my life partner

InternationalCupid, thank you for the usage of your dating site, i found my life partner. I visit her in the Philippines, i stay for 3 weeks, meet her family, and even participated in her sister wedding. We are engaged, she will be coming to the USA in April. Once again, thank you, and God bless you.


Thank you InternationalCupid!

I'm really happy to notify that I found my life partner on this site. Thank you InternationalCupid! We are planning our wedding. We are so gratefuil with God and this site that had joined us. God bless you! I'll definitely reccomend you!


I love her to infinity and beyond

I am going to marry Dayanna, my future wife, whome I found through this website. I love her to infinity and beyond.

Jeremy and Dayanna

Thank you International Cupid

thank you international cupid


I am so happy and grateful!

I am so happy and grateful! Thank you InternationalCupid!


Thank you Internationalcupid!

I found my future wife. Thank you international cupid


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